Meet our Affiliates

You love them! Why? Because they give you discounts! 🤩
Our affiliates help us reach out to more bookworms across the country through their wide audience in Social Media. They are popular in BookTok! Visit their social media accounts for book reviews, book recommendations, bookmail unboxing, and more! 📚


@lovejulienne | JulienneReads5

Julienne is one of the few lucky people who got an ARC of Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood. Yes, we are jealous! 😩

The Hunger Games trilogy was her gateway to reading but The Legend trilogy made her fall inlove with it!


@nottheresereads | NTELLIE5

Therese started reading back when she was in 4th grade and since then, she never stopped. She has been a reader for 9 years now. Amazing!

She compulsively binge reads books! "It's not that I don't want to take my time with books, it's just that I CANNOT relax if I don't know how it'll end". Because of this, she avoids series that are still being written.

She also doesn't like to DNF books. Yep, she is one of those people! 😄


@thebookishnics | Nics5

Nicole is a working student. Despite her hectic schedule, she makes sure she has time to read books. She reads before work, during lunch break, after work, and during commute. She uses her kindle to prevent scratches to her physical copies. She also reads at home and usually stays up until midnight.

Reading has become her sanity and form of escaping reality – "being somewhere you want to be."


@ikayhateaccount_ | IkayReads5

Unlike majority, Ikay likes seeing her books get old. She loves seeing them start to look used and worn out instead of keeping them pristine and brand new looking. Expect to see her casually writing on her books with a pen and cracking the spine multiple times!


@bookishfool | Ericuh5

Ericuh is Ellie Librairie's first affiliate! She has been reading for fun since she was 6 years old, but officially became a bookworm when she realized that as a Pisces, she thrives in her imagination.

"The way I imagine scenarios in my head sometimes make me question if I should see a doctor or two, but everytime I read a new book with an even wilder setting, I know that that is destiny telling me I was meant to be a bookworm!" ❤️


@vieelyyy | Vielly5

4 years after she thought people who read books with no pictures are nerds, Vielly was awarded as the "Bookworm of the Year" voted by the whole high school student body! 😆

She says she is now a proud "nerd"!