John Pucay

Born and raised in Baguio City by a jeepney driver father and an insurance sales agent mother; John Pucay moved to Quezon City in search of Glory, God, and Gold. He got fired after 5 months. And on his 3rd month of unemployment, frustration led him to write an article that he sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer on a whim. PDI published his piece in a week and readers started offering him a job. That's how he discovered he could probably write for a living.

He worked a year in corporate before quitting everything in early 2020 to pursue writing full-time. He has since published short stories in several international literary journals. And he received a few awards and distinctions for his non-fiction writing. His creative non-fiction works mostly deal with relationships, dating, polyamory, running, and career. You can check more of his writing on his site:

Karinderya Love Songs is his debut novel.